“We are what we eat”

In a busy city like Tokyo, where everything is hectic and everyone is working so hard, it’s so important to take care of our health, paying attention at least to what we eat. That’s why, after the Fukushima disaster, we decided to use only organic ingredients.



Our vegetables come from Fukuoka, our meat from Kumamoto, and because my policy is not to use any frozen goods, all the other fresh ingredients come from Hokkaido and Okinawa. This gives us the guarantee that all the products come from a safe place and keep their original flavor.



Given this peculiarity, the costs are of course higher, but to me there’s no other possible choice, as I want to offer my clients the same food I put every day on the table at home. I wouldn't put my family's health at risk, nor would I put my guests’ and friends` health in jeopardy.



The same goes for the creation of my cheese factory "Fattoria Bio Hokkaido" and my salami factory "Antica Salumeria." Both concepts originated from my need of offering in my restaurants only handmade food, just as I prepare at home.


98% of my clients are loyal regulars and friends, so I couldn't possibly offer them food of an uncertain origin. Those are the only basics to a successful food business; it is fundamental to love the people you serve so that they’ll be satisfied and happy to have come and looking forward to visiting you again.

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