Elio Locanda Italiana(レストラン「エリオ ロカンダ イタリアーナ」)重い木の扉を開ければ、そこはイタリアを切り取ってきたような空間。エリオのおばあさんから伝わる伝統の郷土料理をご堪能ください。

Concept of Elio Locanda

Since its opening a decade and a half ago, “Elio Locanda Italiana” has become synonymous with traditional Southern Italian cuisine and service with smiles all around.

Cuisine of Elio Locanda

Antipasto, primo, secondo, dolce and caffe'- Enjoy authentic Italian food at Elio Locanda.

Grand Menu

Traditional Italian cuisine and speciality Calabrian dishes made of carefully selected ingredients.

Lunch Course Menu

Our set lunch courses offer you authentic Italian cuisine with a touch of Calabrian flair at a reasonable price.

Dinner Course Menu

Four types of set dinner courses are available to suit every taste and budget.

Staff of Elio Locanda

A friendly and professional staff awaits you at Elio Locanda. Do come soon and enjoy authentic home-cooked Italian food with a touch of Calabria.

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