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“My mission is to make people (of Japan) know the true culture, taste the true flavour and experience the true joy of Italy.”– Elio Orsara

Elio was born on October 25, 1966, in Cetraro, a city located in the region of Calabria in the south of the Italian mainland. He first started working in the five-star Grand Hotel San Michele in Calabria. He furthered his training in Milan and London, took up cuisine and restaurant management in Spain and the U.S.A., then finally arrived in Japan. At the age of 30, a month after his marriage, Elio Orsara opened Elio Locanda Italiana in November 1996. Since then, the restaurant has become synonymous with authentic Italian fare that has a distinctive touch of the southern Italian cuisine and a staff renowned for its hospitality and smiling faces (legacies from Elio’s grandmother Luigina). Over the years Elio has also become the favourite dining spot of celebrities, including the giant of the fashion industry, Giorgio Armani.

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