Elio Italian Catering - The idea of going into the catering business first came from one of our guests at Elio Locanda. That’s why we cater food with matching service that has exactly the same quality as that in the restaurant.

Chef Detachment

Elio Catering offers authentic Italian cuisine prepared by an Italian chef. No ifs no buts, no compromises. It’s the same kind of food, with the same high quality, that we serve in the restaurant.

Delivery & Take out

If you prefer to dine outside the restaurant, at home or elsewhere, Elio Catering will come to you! We have several set menus available for delivery. Of course, we can customize the menu according to your requirements, in terms of number of dishes, type of dishes and budget. Just let us know.

Italian Bento

This special service offers authentic Italian cuisine designed to fit into a Japanese lunch box or “obento”. The minimum order is for 20. Great for outdoor picnics and special events at home, the office, or elsewhere.

Wedding Party Menu

First of all, congratulations! Of course, fine catering for wedding parties is also available. Why not celebrate this very special event with delicious Italian food and professional service to match?

Staff of Elio Catering Service

The expert, professional staff of Elio Catering delivers the same exceptional service you expect and receive at Elio Locanda.

Frequently Asked Questions

Now it’s time to answer the most frequently asked questions regarding Elio Catering. Be sure to read on... then place your order.

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