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2013/4/22Elio`s homemade pasta

At Elio Locanda Italiana, we make homemade pasta every day.

From the bottom left:

Tagliatelle (flat pasta) ·

Pappardelle (flat pasta wider than Tagliatelle) ·

Chitarra (thick pasta)

Tagliolini Verdi (thin pasta made by green spinach)

Tagliolini Bianchi (thin pasta)

From the bottom right:

Sedanini (small round short pasta)

Fusilli (spiral short pasta)

Conchigliette (shell shape short pasta)

Rigatoni (thick  striped short pasta)

Casarecce (tilted and thick short past)

Please come at Locanda to enjoy our homemade pasta variety

and feel free to ask our staff for advises and suggestions!


2013/4/17Elio`s recommended menu

Elio recommends:

"Orata in padella alla Checca, riso verde e cime di rapa".

Sea bream Checca style, green rice and turnip tops.

Please come and try!

Buon appetito

2013/4/17Olive oil recommended by Elio

From the original label VILLA ORSARA wine, we are happy to introduce you

the Villa Orsara Extra Virgin Organic Olive Oil line.

Villa Orsara Olive Oil has received both the "EU certified organic product" as well as "JAS authorization" by ICEA.

The olives are locally produced in Calabria

and carefully harvested by hand, one by one.

VILLA ORSARA Olive Oil is high in polyphenols and low in fatty acid

for an antioxidant effect that is very good for health.

Please try it with our Focaccia!

For purchase,

VILLA ORSARA Exv Olive Oil is now available also on


2013/4/1Donation report

Thanks to all the donations collected so far,

we have been able to donate to civic groups in Iwaki, Fukushima Prefecture

On March the 07th, 2013:

Aggregate donations, ¥57 993

(note - ¥330 as transfer fee)

Total donation amount, ¥57 603

Thank you very much to everyone

for all the generous and precious donations.



Buona Pasqua

da Elio Locanda Italiana

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