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2012/7/30Elio`s recommended menu

Acquacotta of pepper sea bream (Koshō tai) from Nagasaki Pref.

with clams and mussels from Kumamoto Pref. (Kumamoto Kaiyo Kaihatsu).

Buon appetito!

2012/7/11Elio on Japan Times!

An article about Elio Orsara has been published in THE JAPAN TIMES on July the 7th!

"In wake of 3/11 disasters, successful Italian helps those who helped him."

- Restaurateur Elio Orsara mobilized friends, staff to help those hit by quake, tsunami -

The main topic is about the support activities that has been carried out by ELIO in Rikuzentakata

after the disaster occurred in Japan on the 3/11 2011.

There is also the introduction of "Villa Orsara" wine new release 2012 .

Follow this link for reading the entire story on line!

Thank you so much!

2012/7/11Elio`s recommended wine

Elio`s recommended wine:


A white wine from south Italy, Calabria.

A dry type wines with rich and fruity fragrance.

White "Quarto" wine is here served with Nagasaki cuttlefish and black rice salad.

The sweetness of the squid and the light acidity of the cucumber (from Ehime Prefecture)

get perfectly well together with "Quarto" wine.

Please come and try "Quarto"!

It is really refreshing during these hot summer days.

And please don`t forget...

...that "Quarto" wine can also be purchased at "Vera Italia" web site.

Thank you!

Enjoy it!

Buon appetito!

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