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2012/5/28Kumamoto`s producers short movie

The short movie about our producers in Kyushu

Mr. Asokenko Nouen and Mr. Kumamoto Kaiyo Kaihatsu

has finally been released!

Please check it out following this link:

Elio Locanda Italiana 生産者の声 - The origin of their ingredients.

Mr. Asokenko Nouen,

Mr. Kumamoto Kaiyo Kaihatsu,

thank you so much for your cooperation!

2012/5/25Today`s dessert is...

Mixed France berry and chocolate tart "Crostata"!

Enjoy it!

Buon appetito!

2012/5/23Special dessert

For the coming summer,

we have prepared a Passion fruit and vanilla cake.

Enjoy it!

Buon appetito!

2012/5/23Elio`s homemade hot pepper oil

In southern Italy, Calabria is famous for its red pepper.

In 1994, the ACCADEMIA ITALIANA DEL PEPERONCINO  has been established in order to research about the spicy peperoncino from the city of Diamante, Calabria.

At Elio Locanda we only use red pepper brought from Calabria.

It is a very spicy red pepper type with a special flavor!

Spicy lovers, please come at Elio Locanda and try our "Piu piccante" version!

Enjoy it,

2012/5/18Elio recommends

"Paccheri" pasta with handmade ricotta cheese (100% Hokkaido milk) and smoked swordfish,

wrapped with Italian bacon.

Basil pesto sauce.

Enjoy it!

Buon appetito!

2012/5/16Mr. Asokenko Nouen (part 2)

Dear Friends,

we would love to share more details about our visit to Mr. Asokenko Nouen, our herbs producer in Minamiaso, Kumamoto prefecture.

Mr. Asokenko Nouen`s health farm, located in the Aso National Park, is surrounded by nature and pure air.

This farm is special for his total hydroponic culture system.

"Sagahonoka" strawberries

"Sagahonoka" strawberries



Sweet basil

Pollination is naturally made by bees, rather than by hand.

Bees work is fundamental for obtaining the best genuine and natural taste possible.

It is an hard work, but the result is really worth it.

The food is delicious!

Bees are great helpers for the farm!

Again, it has been a precious experience to see all the production process and learn directly from Mr. Asokenko Nouen.

We really admire Mr. Asokenko Nouen hard work and his true love for an healthy and natural food production.

Mr. Asokenko Nouen,

thank you so much!

2012/5/14Elio`s wine has been released!

Directly from Calabria, the brand new Elio`s wine "Villa Orsara" has been released!

The white type is 100% Chardonnay barrick.

The delicate fruity fragrance create an exquisite balanced taste.

The red type is 100% Calabria red grape.

These grapes blessed by the Calabria sun taste like sweet fresh strawberries.

Please feel free to ask for more details!

2012/5/14Special appetizer

Italian Caponata with vegetable selected from Miyazaki and Ehime pref.

Please try!

Buon appetito!

2012/5/10Elio recommends

Special appetizer:

Chicken liver composition with Porto based sauce.


Vanilla and yogurt cake

Enjoy it!

Buon appetito!

2012/5/10Visiting direct producers in Kumamoto

Dear Friends,

we hope all of you had a great time during the Golden Week holiday.

We spend those days visiting two of our direct producers in Kyushu (Kumamoto)!

We visited our herbs and basil producer in Minamiaso, Mr. Asokenko Nouen

And after we visited our clams and mussel fisherman in Amakusa, Mr. Kumamoto Kaiyo Kaihatsu

It has been a wonderful experience to visit them and see their experience and genuine passion.

Now we feel much more close and familiar with them!

We checked the quality and safety of the products, and how much care and love they put in the all production process.

The same effort and love we can find it in Elio Locanda Italiana, isn`t it?

One more time,

Mr. Asokenko Nouen

Mr. Kumamoto Kaiyo Kaihatsu

thank you so much!

2012/5/2Today`s dessert

A beautiful strawberries and cheese cream cake

Visit us today to try it!

Buon appetito!

2012/5/2Elio recommends

Fish au gratin with bread crumbs, almonds and fresh herbs.

The fish comes directly from Hagi, Yamaguchi Prefecture and its texture matches the exquisite almonds aroma.

Enjoy it!

Buon appetito!

2012/5/1Golden week schedule

Dear guest,

Thank you for visiting our website.

The restaurant will be closed for Goldenweek holiday.

from May 3 (Thu) to May 6 (Sun) 2012.

We reopen on Monday 7.

Thank you and have a great holiday!

Elio Locanda Italiana

2012/5/1Last week selection

Recommended by Elio.
Tartare of  dried tomatoes and fish directly send from Hagi, Yamaguchi Prefecture.

Closing dessert.

Coffee and vanilla cake.

Buon appetito!

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