Summer Vacation


Dear guest,

Thank you for visiting our website.

The restaurant will be closed for summer vacation

from August 7 to August 14 2011.

We will be open regularly from Monday, August 15.

Thank you very much! We wish you a nice summer!

Elio Locanda Italiana








Our donation to the Mayor of Minami Soma (Fukushima Prefecture)


We express all our concern for the victims of the 2011 March 11 Tohoku Great earthquake.

On the occasion of the presentation of the book “Nuclear Tsunami” by Italian journalist Pio D’Emilia, that took place last Wednesday June 29th at the Italian Cultural Institute in Tokyo, our staff Ms.Takezawa gave a contribution to Mr. Sakurai,  Mayor of Minami Soma.

(Photo by:Ms.Tae Cimarosti)

We collected 129,055 JPY thanks to the customers of Elio Locanda Italiana (95,854JPY) and of Elio’s Bakery in Ohgibashi (33,201JPY).

In addition, Kioi Corporation, which operates the restaurant “Elio Locanda Italiana” and “Elio Catering Service”, donated to the City of Minami Soma 1,000,000 JPN collected at the end of March this year.

(Photo by:Ms.Tae Cimarosti)

In the photo, from left: Ms.Takezawa(Elio’s staff), Mr.Donati(Director of  IIC), Mr.Pio D’Emilia(Journalist), Mr.Sakurai(Mayor of Minamisoma), Ms.Randy Taguchi(Writer)

We feel very close to the city of Minamisoma as the hometown of one of our staff.

Elio and the staff of Elio Locanda Italiana will continue volunteering to support the victims of the earthquake.

Thank you very much for your cooperation.

Elio Orsara