Brown cattle meat directly from Minamiaso!


Some days ago, our manager Mr. Mikata went to Kumamoto in order to check some ingredients.

First of all, he visited Aso National Park to check about Japanese brown cow.

Cattle born and 
grew up with the clean water and air of Aso are grazing in the vast grassland from April to November.

The meat of brown cattle that grew up in nature, with enough physical movement and eating grass fully bathed in the light of the sun, has a right amount of fat together with the rich unique flavor of Japanese beef, but the main feature is its tenderness.

After this, he went to check vegetables in Ubuyama village in Aso District.

Here, Mr. Masuda of “TerrasseGourmande” (Tasty garden) concern himself about safe soil making process and, fearing the pesticide residue, he decided to open his own field through the forest.

His vegetables are beautiful as a work of art and, as he is not using pesticides and chemical fertilizers at all, they stay fresh even after some days.

Then…the brown cow meat from Kumamoto finally arrived here!!

The brown cow has it’s individual identification number: 1340971715.

In the photo you can see the T-bone steak but we would like you to enjoy also other part like leg, rib, and L-bone steak, all cooked as much as possible in a simple way.

Please, try it together with Mr. Masuda’s vegetable.

Don’t miss the chance to enjoy the original taste of meat but with less fat.