Elio’s special


Elio’s recommended menu

Baked white squid stuffed with herb and dry tomato.

Calamaro ripieno con salsa di pomodori secchi

This is the new sicilian menu from Peppe, new entry at Elio’s family.

It’s close to the Japanese dish called “ikameshi” (boiled squid stuffed with steamed glutinous rice) but without rice!

It is stuffed with bread crumbs and olive, quick baked and then served with potatoes and paprika.

In Calabria it is often used this combination of flavors.

It’s a simple dish but the taste of each ingredient it’s really attractive.

This is just an example of the fusion between Sicilia and Calabria.

Germano and Peppe are now trying more and more to create new different menu.

Buon Appetito my friends!