Elio`s homemade pasta


At Elio Locanda Italiana, we make homemade pasta every day.

From the bottom left:
Tagliatelle (flat pasta) ·
Pappardelle (flat pasta wider than Tagliatelle) ·
Chitarra (thick pasta)
Tagliolini Verdi (thin pasta made by green spinach)
Tagliolini Bianchi (thin pasta)
From the bottom right:
Sedanini (small round short pasta)
Fusilli (spiral short pasta)
Conchigliette (shell shape short pasta)
Rigatoni (thick  striped short pasta)
Casarecce (tilted and thick short past)
Please come at Locanda to enjoy our homemade pasta variety
and feel free to ask our staff for advises and suggestions!