Mr. Asokenko Nouen (part 2)


Dear Friends,

we would love to share more details about our visit to Mr. Asokenko Nouen, our herbs producer in Minamiaso, Kumamoto prefecture.

Mr. Asokenko Nouen`s health farm, located in the Aso National Park, is surrounded by nature and pure air.

This farm is special for his total hydroponic culture system.

“Sagahonoka” strawberries

“Sagahonoka” strawberries



Sweet basil

Pollination is naturally made by bees, rather than by hand.

Bees work is fundamental for obtaining the best genuine and natural taste possible.

It is an hard work, but the result is really worth it.

The food is delicious!

Bees are great helpers for the farm!

Again, it has been a precious experience to see all the production process and learn directly from Mr. Asokenko Nouen.

We really admire Mr. Asokenko Nouen hard work and his true love for an healthy and natural food production.

Mr. Asokenko Nouen,

thank you so much!