Visiting direct producers in Kumamoto


Dear Friends,

we hope all of you had a great time during the Golden Week holiday.

We spend those days visiting two of our direct producers in Kyushu (Kumamoto)!

We visited our herbs and basil producer in Minamiaso, Mr. Asokenko Nouen

And after we visited our clams and mussel fisherman in Amakusa, Mr. Kumamoto Kaiyo Kaihatsu

It has been a wonderful experience to visit them and see their experience and genuine passion.

Now we feel much more close and familiar with them!

We checked the quality and safety of the products, and how much care and love they put in the all production process.

The same effort and love we can find it in Elio Locanda Italiana, isn`t it?

One more time,

Mr. Asokenko Nouen

Mr. Kumamoto Kaiyo Kaihatsu

thank you so much!