Article from the “KYODO NEWS”


We are in deep grief for all the people that have been struck by the consequences of the Great Eastern Japan Earthquake.

We would like to introduce you an artiche from “Kyodo News” (May 17, 2011) that reported the charity activities in Rikuzentakata city by the Italian volunteers in Japan.

(The article also mentions  Elio Orsara, owner of Elio Locanda Italiana)

The Great Eastern Japan Earthquake hit with a sudden shock and deep sadness all the Italians who live in Japan, and love Japan.

As part of the Italian community, we have started this volunteering activity in Rikuzentakada City as a way to concretely help and give support to the people who are suffering the serious consequences of the earthquake.

Elio and the staff of Elio Locanda Italiana will continue volunteering to support the victims of the earthquake.